Security & Disaster Recovery

Security and Disaster Recovery are both critical priorities to InfoSend. InfoSend undergoes annual HIPAA, PCI DSS and SOC 2 audits.


All of InfoSend's payment-related solutions are PCI DSS compliant. All credit card, debit card, and ACH account numbers are encrypted and the systems and networks that they pass through all follow PCI DSS rules. Minimize or eliminate your PCI liability by outsourcing your electronic payment applications to InfoSend. If your organization stores, transmits, or processes credit card numbers you must follow PCI rules. If you have not already reviewed these rules please see for the latest rules and regulations.

Click on the image below to view InfoSend's current PCI Certificate of Compliance. A qualified third party auditor annually ensures that PCI regulations are being followed.

InfoSend undergoes annual HIPAA and SOC 2 Type 2 audits performed by a professional auditing firm. Links to certifications below:

Disaster Recovery

InfoSend takes a multi-prong approach to disaster recovery. Procedures, policies and infrastructure are continually improved to make InfoSend more prepared for a disaster. Key highlights on DR strategies in place today are listed below:

  • Multiple production facilities – InfoSend current produces mail at three facilities in geographically disparate regions. We commit to always operating a minimum of two production facilities.
  • Redundant equipment – backup servers, printers and mail inserters are used to ensure that equipment downtime does not halt operations.
  • Data replication and backup – data is replicated from the primary data center to the backup data center and backed up off site.
  • Remote access – key staff members have laptops and VPN access to let them work remotely if there are weather or other issues that prevent them from getting to the office.