Any special inserts/flyers/stuffers prepared by the client can optionally be inserted with the statements.  Additionally, InfoSend offers full graphic arts services including design and color printing of inserts.

InfoSend's online Insert Management tool streamlines the organization of your inserting jobs.  The entire process of scheduling the printing and handling of inserts is managed online.  InfoSend has full print capabilities for the production of your custom inserts, and also accepts drop-shipped inserts. You can submit an insert request through the InfoSend website, review and approve quotes, and audit the process all by logging into InfoSend's secure user site.

InfoSend provides multiple insert handling and production options, along with fully featured tools to manage the process:

Insert Requests & Management - InfoSend's online Insert Request Form is an innovative account management tool that streamlines insert management.  Request a quote for printing and schedule all of your inserts online.  Submit the form through our website and a summary of the request will be returned to the user via email.

Click here to view a walk through of the Insert Management tool.

Insert Handling – Client Provided - Any special inserts/flyers/stuffers prepared by the client can be inserted with the bills. You can drop your inserts off or have them shipped to InfoSend where they will be kept in inventory until the end of the run date.

Insert Printing - InfoSend offers a complete range of insert printing services, from black to full color printing.

Inline Inserts - if your organization often includes static inserts with its bills, InfoSend can convert them to Inline Inserts. An automated process is set up to selectively print the inserts immediately after each bill is printed. This increases your ability to target specific customer types and provide one-to-one messaging. Inline Insert printing is usually grayscale or 2-color.

Offline Inserts – traditional inserts are printed offline and then inserted with designated billing statements. Up to 5 offline inserts can be included with a bill run. Offline inserts can be digitally printed in grayscale or full color, or offset printed in full color.