Direct Communications

Direct Communications are non-recurring document types that directly communicate information to your customers.

  • One-time print runs such as offline inserts, newsletters or flyers. Documents are printed black or full color.
  • Offline Inserts – traditional inserts are printed offline and then inserted with your bills. Up to 5 offline inserts can be included with your bills. Offline inserts can be digitally printed in grayscale or full color, or offset printed in full color.
  • One-time print and mail projects. Document tabbing is available.
  • Examples are customer rate change notices or any other important notices that must be sent separately from your bills or other regular mailings.
  • Expedited projects are possible if you must send out a notification on short notice.

InfoSend's IT-centric structure and automated data processing capabilities make your one-time projects as efficient to manage as possible.  We can work with your marketing department and accept most common graphic arts file types such as PDF, EPS, InDesign, and Illustrator. Proofs are printed on the digital color equipment that will produce your campaigns. Direct communication documents are normally printed in full color or grayscale onto white paper stock.

Click here to view a sample Prop 218 mailer that InfoSend created for a client.