Support Ticket Tool

InfoSend's robust Support Ticket Tool is an efficient way for clients to communicate with our Client Services department.  The Support Ticket Tool provides a mechanism for clients to log on to InfoSend's secure portal and correspond directly with Client Services team members.  InfoSend's Client Services team accepts phone service requests during our standard operating hours, however the Support Ticket Tool provides an additional layer of communication enabling clients to submit inquiries at any time.

The Support Ticket Tool supports projects at any stage:  implementation, testing, follow-up inquiries, and maintenance.  It can be customized to accommodate multiple projects and supports unique specifications.

Features of InfoSend's Support Ticket Tool:
  • Authorized Users:  Client Administrators are able to manage authorized users.  Access permissions can be customized on a per-user basis.
  • Custom Contacts:  InfoSend's Client Services contact points can also be customized.  Support Ticket inquiries are sent to designated Client Services contacts as a default.  For custom inquiries, Support Ticket items can be directed to specific InfoSend contacts or departments.
  • Categories: you will be provided with standard inquiry category options during your implementation project.  Categories may be altered during implementation, or after, depending on requirements and project specifications.  Clients with multiple job types can select custom categories for each job type.
  • Inquiry Management:  Open Support Ticket Inquires are arranged by ticket date, with the most recent inquiry listed first.  InfoSend's Client Services team and the client's administrators are able to log into the site to track open ticket items, including respective attachments and correspondence. 
  • Historical Reference:  Support Ticket Inquires are archived and accessed by logging into InfoSend's secure portal.  Closed ticket entries are retained for historical reference and may be re-opened if needed.

By default you are shown the open tickets. You can use the drop-down list to view closed tickets:


An example of a new ticket is shown below:

Ticket Tool