CSRPay Product

InfoSend's CSRPay product is a value-added offering providing an additional payment method for clients to utilize.  Using the CSRPay tool, a client's customer service representatives are able to take phone or in-person credit card or ACH payments on demand.  The CSRPay product is PCI Level 1 compliant: all payment information is transmitted via InfoSend's secure web portal and tokenized by our payment processor partners.

Features of InfoSend's CSRPay Product:
  • CSRPay provides the ability for customer service representatives to take immediate electronic payments either via credit card or ACH.
  • The client's customer service representative queries InfoSend's CSR Portal for a customer's account information and is able to execute payment on that customer's account
  • The customer service representative uses the CSRPay tool to input a customer's payment information, collecting that information either on the phone or in person.
  • Payment to a customer's account is immediately posted to a customer's profile and reported to the customer's account
  • Customers may provide an email address to receive an automated payment receipt as proof of payment
  • Payments can be made immediately or scheduled for a future date, if allowed under the client's account configuration

CSRPay can be purchased as a standalone option, or in addition to other InfoSend eBusiness products. 

Click here for a visual representation of the CSRPay tool. One screenshot of the CSRPay product is shown below.

CSRPay - Payment Initiation