Email eBilling Products

InfoSend's Email eBilling Product is comprised of two offerings, each of which enables customers to receive an email notification any time a new bill is available (this is not a portal to view prior eBills, see the Online BillPay solution if you require a portal for viewing prior bills). Premium Email eBilling includes a web portal that your customers can use to sign up for Email eBilling and later change their preferences.

Both versions of the product include:
  • Styled HTML email templates featuring your chosen banner image. Bill particulars such as Account Number, Due Date, and Amount Due are contained in the email body.
  • A replica of the printed bill design attached as an eBill PDF. If InfoSend is your Print & Mail provider then paperless billing can be provided to your customers.
  • Optionally include a link back to an online billing and/or payment portal.

Email eBilling - When using the standard Email eBilling product you or your billing software provider will need to provide the following information in your billing file or a separate file:

  • Email address (required), paperless flag (optional), attachment flag (to indicate if a PDF replica of the bill should be attached, not required if you want the PDF attached for all or for none)

Premium Email eBilling – when the premium version of the product is utilized the Email eBilling instructions will not be needed. Instead of transmitting the above data to InfoSend your customers will self-manage their preferences. InfoSend will host a web portal that facilitates enrollment and changes to preferences.