Online BillPay Solution

The following features are all available as part of InfoSend's base Online BillPay Solution. Online BillPay is a biller-direct solution that gives your customers access to view and pay their bills online without going through an online banking portal.

Customer Self Enrollment

Enroll_Now No need to collect or maintain customer email addresses. Customers start the enrollment process using their account number and one other validation field. They enter a current email address and confirm it by receiving an email and clicking on a link inside the message.

Click here to view a quick demo of the enrollment process.
Branding of Web Portal

Picture 10 InfoSend's clean, basic and modern Online BillPay Portal will be customized with your logo and banner at the top of the page.  In addition to the logo and banner, any insert communications will be hosted on the site and available for the customer to view.

Click here to view a quick demo of user preferences that the customer can select.

Bill Presentment – Web Browser

InfoSend will use the PDF format to present eBills unless noted otherwise. Any browser that supports 128-bit or higher encryption and JavaScript can be used. This includes full-featured smart phone browsers like Safari on the iPhone.


Bill Delivery Options


Increase paperless billing adoption by giving customers the option to have their full eBill "pushed" to them via email (not available for health care clients due to privacy of information constraints). Or the customer can elect to receive just a brief bill summary via email and download the entire bill from the secure web portal.

Offering customers the flexibility to select push eBill delivery is one of InfoSend's core EBPP strengths and makes it convenient for customers to turn off paper billing. Automatic payment customers will not need to login to the web portal in order to see their bills. Paperless billing can be required to enroll for EBPP, for AutoPay only, or not at all. 

Click here to view a quick demo of the bill presentment and push email bill delivery processes.

Add Additional Accounts

Add_Additional_Accounts Customers can associate multiple accounts with their username to efficiently view and pay their bills. This feature is sometimes referred to as "house-holding". Customers can create multiple payment profiles and pay each account using a different payment method, all without having to log out and log back in as another user.

Automated Username/Password Retrieval

Forgot_Password If a customer forgets their username or password they can have a temporary password sent to the email address on file in the eBusiness system. Your customer service department will not have to answer calls for this common request.

One-Time Payments

584971_computer_work Customers can pay immediately or schedule future payments. Real-time credit/debit card authorizations are performed.  Customers can initiate payments as soon as they enroll – there is no need to wait for the next billing cycle.

Click here to view a quick demo of the payment process. Convenience fee options exist if you do not wish to absorb the payment processing fees.
Automatic Payments

Auto_Pay Customers can self-enroll for automatic payments by activating the AutoPay feature located within the Online BillPay portal. Automatic payments are triggered by the due dates on your eBills. Once scheduled the automatic payments are reduced or cancelled, if necessary, by automatically processing a daily account balance file from your system.

Click here to view a quick demo of the AutoPay sign up process.
Payment Types

cc_ach You designate the payment types available to the customer. Accept checks electronically via ACH for a low-cost payment method that any customer can use. All popular credit cards can be offered as well – Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express. Utility clients can benefit from the special interchange fees that Visa and MasterCard offer for qualified Utility Discount transactions. Or if you prefer to pass payment processing costs on to your customers you can utilize the convenience fee model.

Customer Service Portal

536704_callcenterThe CSR Portal gives your management and customer service representatives control over the EBPP service. It includes a tool to securely view and track open customer service requests.  Your CSRs can view archived eBills and customer payment history.

Additionally you can elect to give CSRs access to initiate one-time or recurring payments on the customer's behalf.

Standard Offering – Detailed List of Features

Please click here to see the standard offering list. These features or configuration options are available at no additional cost during Online BillPay implementation.