CSRPay Portal

CSR Portal Customer Service The Customer Service Portal (CSR Portal) is a client-facing access portal designed to provide managers and customer service representatives with the tools to support InfoSend's eBusiness products.  By logging into the CSR Portal, authorized users are able to access an account's complete details, including the convenient Account Snapshot summary page.  You can also research payment queries, view copies of documents transmitted through the eBusiness products, and edit customer account information.

The CSR Portal is provided to clients upon implementation of InfoSend's Online BillPay, QuickPay and/or Premium Email eBilling products.  This full-featured tool provides detailed information about the transactions and document exchanges between enrolled eBusiness customers and InfoSend's eBusiness products.

Features of InfoSend's CSR Portal:
  • Account Snapshot:  Account summary information contained on one screen.  CSRs can access more information by clicking on buttons for detail
  • Control the payment methods a customer is able to use to initiate payments
  • Check a customer's AutoPay and paperless status
  • Manage customer service requests, including responding to inquiries and accessing historical customer service information
  • Access an archive of information including payments, historical documents, and customer correspondence
  • Use the CSR Portal in conjunction with CSR Pay, initiating payments on behalf of your customers.

Request a demo of InfoSend's complete CSR Portal features and functionality  click here.

One screenshot from the CSR Portal is shown below:

CSR Portal