Standard Features

These free data processing tools are useful for both the print and electronic solutions. They are especially helpful if you utilize both solution types as you can set document messages, review proofs, and track job progress for both print and electronic documents using one web portal.

Message Manager

This free account management tool is a custom built web-based application that allows you to control the messages that print on your documents. You can schedule the messages months or even years in advance! You can assign unique messages to different types of customers, or even to individual account. A PDF preview displays the message in the actual font that will be used.

A sample screenshot of the Message Manager main list is provided below:
Message Manager
Click here to view a more detailed walk through of the Message Manager.

Job Tracking

Allows your staff to log onto to view the progress and completion of your print or electronic bill files. Confirmation reports are accessible from the job tracker for easy access. Check off the "Viewed" checkbox after auditing the completion time of a finished batch.

A sample screenshot of the Job Tracking tool is provided below:
Job Tracking Tool
The Job Tracker can be configured to provide PDF samples of your documents before they are printed or loaded to the eBusiness system.

Click here to view a more detailed walk through of the Job Tracking.