Optional NCOA or ACS

InfoSend ensures that its clients are in compliance with the USPS Move Update requirements. Customers often fill out a change of address form without informing you of the change. The USPS does not forward first class mail to the new address at no cost as it once did. InfoSend clients may elect to have mailpieces returned at no cost or may use an optional USPS approved mail forwarding method to keep their customer address database up to date.

If clients wish to have their mailpieces forwarded to the new address, InfoSend offers two electronic reporting options that are compliant with the USPS. There is no set-up or monthly fee for either option, just a per-item reporting fee that is assessed for each forwarded address. During implementation you will be given more information on the options to help you decide which is the best for your business entity. InfoSend does not require clients to commit to utilizing the Move Update service and gives them the option to elect to have incorrectly addressed mail returned of having it sent to a forwarding address, at no charge.

The first Move Update option is the NCOALink service. With this option InfoSend uses the NCOALink database to find updated addresses during data processing. The updated addresses can be printed on bills before they are mailed, or printed as-is and forwarded to the new address by the USPS. In either scenario clients receive electronic reports of the updated addresses after each batch is mailed. If you elect to have the USPS forward the mail you must use the report to update your database within 90 days.

The second Move Update option is the Address Change Service (ACS). When this option is selected the USPS forwards incorrectly addressed mail to the updated address and records the action in its database. InfoSend retrieves this information weekly and sends an electronic report of the address forwards.